Why Should I Join NCAE?

Wake NCAE is THE professional association for public school employees in Wake County, North Carolina. Membership makes it possible for Wake NCAE to work to improve working conditions for public school employees, and provides them with professional support and protection.

There are 4 main reasons to join NCAE:

1. Legal Assistance & Support

2. Professional Development & Assistance

3. Political Action

4. Member Benefits

Legal Assistance and Support

  • Members are never alone. They have a support network of nearly 5,000 educators countywide, 70,000 educators statewide, and 2.7 million nationwide
  • Members have immediate, professional, local assistance and advice on all employment matters from 3 full-time UniServ Consultants.
  • Members are guaranteed that their educator rights are protected through assured due process, thanks to our legal services program.
  • Members receive $1,000,000 liability insurance in case they are involved in an issue that goes to court.
  • Members can consult with an attorney on non-employment related matters, such as real estate or wills and trusts, for two FREE thirty minute sessions and then receive discounted rates after that.

Professional Development and Assistance

  • Members keep up-to-date on the latest happenings in education at the local, state, and national levels through the publications from Wake NCAE, NCAE, and NEA. Members automatically receive these publications with their membership.
  • Members are able to enhance and develop their professional and leadership skills at a nominal cost, through a variety of workshops and classes offered through NCAE's Center of Teaching and Learning.

Political Action

  • Wake NCAE and NCAE regularly affect educational decisions at local and state levels by continually building relationships with school board members, county commissioners, and NC legislators.
  • Wake NCAE is the only association recognized by WCPSS Human Resources as representatives of Wake County employees with employment problems or grievances.
  • The only association that regularly addresses the school board on issues that affect the working conditions of WCPSS employees and well as for the students of WCPSS.
  • Members have a voice in the State Legislature with their membership. 
  • Recognized as the voice of education at the local and state level.

Member Benefits

  • Members are able to take advantage of hundreds member-only discounts.
  • Discounts and benefits include: vision care, financial planning services, personal insurance, car insurance, Disney vacations, theme park admission, cruises, hotel and motel rates, car rental, car purchasing, restaurants, auto care, lines of credit...and the list goes on and on...
  • Members can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the many benefits offered by NCAE and NEA.

We accept membership applications at any time during the year. To become a member, talk to the representative in any Wake school site, Administration Office, or transportation site. You can also contact our office at (919) 270-0226 (Call or text) or at

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