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Membership Information

Thanks to all of you who are continuing members, and to those of you who just joined this year. We are proud to have nearly 5,000 members in Wake NCAE.

We get calls all year long asking about membership status and payroll deduction. Here are some points to answer some frequently asked questions:

  • Everyone who is an employee of the Wake County Public School System is eligible to join Wake NCAE at any time.
  • We have several dues amounts depending on your job category.
  • Payment methods are by payroll deduction, credit card, and cash. Payroll deductions are made in equal installments for 8 months, October through May (this is a change from last year.) Credit cards are billed the entire amount, and cash payers must pay in full before December 1, or lose membership status.
  • The membership year runs from September 1 to September 1. You are a member in good standing the entire year if you are on payroll deduction or your dues are paid in full before December 1. (Cash payers must make partial or full payment in September.)
  • If you wish to CANCEL your membership, you MUST call the Wake NCAE office (782-8908) and obtain a cancellation form. Forms are mailed in July and August, directly to the member wishing to cancel. Forms must be completed and returned to 3900 Merton Dr., Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27609. We MUST have your signature on OUR form in OUR office before 5:00 p.m. September 1. WCPSS Payroll cannot process membership cancellations.
  • If you leave the school system for any reason, and are no longer receiving a paycheck from WCPSS, your dues cannot be deducted and your membership is canceled unless you make other arrangements with our office.
  • If you are on leave and still receiving a paycheck from WCPSS, your dues will continue to be deducted September through May and you remain a member in good standing. Please check your check stubs to be sure your dues are still being deducted. Call our office if you have any questions about membership while on leave.
  • If you were a member of NEA/NCAE in another school system prior to accepting a position in Wake County, you MUST rejoin here to be a member in good standing. Call the office if you transfer during the school year and have paid dues elsewhere.
  • If you leave Wake County to work in another school system, you must rejoin the local for that system.
  • And a big question: Is it ever too late to join? Well, those who join because they think they are in trouble may not be covered by the liability insurance or be eligible for legal assistance for 30 days. Every member gets UniServ assistance, but if your case requires legal assistance and you are not a member at the time of the incident, you will not qualify for an NCAE attorney. Don’t take the chance of NOT being covered.

Other questions? Call the office and we’ll be happy to help. 919-782-8908

When you become a member of Wake NCAE, NCAE and NEA...

  • Your rights and benefits as a member begin immediately (with the exception of legal representation which are subject to time limitations as set forth by the NCAE Board of Directors.)
  • You are a part of your professional association with 2.7 Million NEA Members, 70,000 NCAE Members, and over 4600 Wake NCAE Members.
  • You receive a membership card that can be used to access hundreds or thousands of dollars of discounts and other benefits available countrywide.
  • You may consult with a UniServ Director on any issue involving your employment or professional growth.
  • You receive a monthly newsletter (8 times per year) from Wake NCAE – The Wake Action – with articles relating to what is happening with Wake County and Wake NCAE members.
  • You receive a monthly newsletter (6 times per year) from NCAE – The NCAE Bulletin – with news from the state association, articles highlighting educators around the state, and updates on state legislation or state school board policies.
  • You receive a monthly newsletter (9 times per year) from NEA – The NEA Today – with articles concerning public education across the country, tips for teaching and working with students, resources for education websites, periodicals or book suggestions that will assists you in your professional growth.
  • You will have representation at the local, state, and national level for association business. You may vote for your fellow members to represent you, or you may run for a delegate position and represent your colleagues. The Representative Assemblies for the local, state, and national organizations are the governing bodies for the association.
  • You have local, state, and national officers who are elected to lead the association. In addition to the officers, you have Executive Committee members and Board Directors at every level to set association policy when the Representative Assembly is not in session.
  • You have a voice in the legislative issues that will be pursued by the state and national lobbyists who are working for you.
  • You have a voice, either by representation, or directly, in the endorsement process for candidates for political office. Wake NCAE endorses candidates for the school board, the county commissioners, and state legislators. NCAE endorses candidates for statewide offices, and the NEA endorses candidates for president and vice president of the United States.
  • You are represented at school board and county commissioners meetings. The Wake NCAE president regularly addresses concerns at these meetings and impacts the policies and the budgets.
  • You have the opportunity to attend workshops and trainings, at a nominal registration fee, offered by the local, state, or national associations.
  • You have access to the best information and advice from professionals whose job it is to advocate for you.
  • You receive among many other member benefits, Dues Tab Life Insurance, Horace Mann Liability Insurance, and two thirty-minute legal consultations with your membership.

If you are a member, we hope you are taking advantage of all the rights and benefits you have as a member.

If you are not a member, we ask that you consider joining us today. Just talk to the representative at your building or site, or call Wake NCAE at 919-782-8908. We will be happy to add your name to our membership rolls.