Thanks to all of you who are continuing members, and to those of you who have recently joined. 

We get calls all year long asking about membership status, payments, and other questions. Below you will find extra info to help you understand your membership a little better!
  1. Everyone who is an employee of the Wake County Public School System is eligible to join Wake NCAE at any time.
  2. We have several dues amounts depending on your job category.
  3. If you need another membership card, contact Janice Wedel at: janice.wedel@ncae.org
  4. Payment methods are by bank draft, credit card, and cash.
  5. If you were a member of NEA/NCAE in another school system prior to accepting a position in Wake County, you MUST rejoin here to be a member in good standing. Call the office if you transfer during the school year and have paid dues elsewhere.
  6. If you leave Wake County to work in another school system, you must transfer your membership to the local for that system.
  7. And a big question: Is it ever too late to join? Well, those who join because they think they are in trouble may not be covered by the liability insurance or be eligible for legal assistance for 30 days. Every member gets UniServ assistance, but if your case requires legal assistance and you are not a member at the time of the incident, you will not qualify for an NCAE attorney. Don’t take the chance of NOT being covered.

Other questions? Call, text, or email the office and we’ll be happy to help.