RALEIGH, N.C. – The Wake NCAE is proud to announce the following endorsements for the Wake County Board of Commissioners: Vickie Adamson, Lindy Brown, Susan Evans, Jeremiah Pierce, and James West. The committee also expressed support and appreciation for the invaluable work that Commissioners Greg Ford and Jessica Holmes have done and continue to do to prioritize the investment in our public school students and educators as a way to build a stable community from which we all benefit.


We believe our five endorsed candidates, working alongside Commissioners Ford and Holmes, will offer the citizens of Wake County a Board of Commissioners that is responsive, unifying, and focused on the needs of all people. During our endorsement process, we found the endorsed candidates to share common visions for strong support for public schools and believe they will courageously advocate for the appropriate funding to meet the needs of children, teachers and support personnel in Wake County. These five candidates are motivated to bring our per pupil expenditure up from 14th in the state to at least the level of surrounding school districts.


It is clear that our students need additional trained staff such as school counselors, social workers and psychologists to support both students and educators as we navigate the increasing frequency at which our students are exposed to traumatic experiences. We continue to face uncertainty in the aftermath of the unfunded class size mandate and the new timeline for adjustments to class size while trying to manage finding more space for a growing student population in our excellent public school system. It is during times like these that we need courageous representatives in our local government who not only advocate for fully funded public schools but also prioritize them. We cannot afford to have our students’ needs at home or in the classroom in competition with other programs. Our members seek representation that not only makes targeted, strategic efforts to involve all of our citizens in developing a shared vision for our public schools and the communities surrounding them but also is able to effectively participate in the collaborative work of bringing it into our classrooms.  


We understand that any Board of Commissioners will be faced with the challenge of balancing the needs of many programs and citizens, but we know that core values drive specific plans and action. After a process of reviewing detailed questionnaires and interviews with Democratic candidates seeking endorsement, we look forward to our five endorsed candidates - Vickie Adamson, Lindy Brown, Susan Evans, Jeremiah Pierce, and James West - demonstrating a consistent alignment of values, words and actions as they seek voter support to govern Wake County.


NCAE is the state’s largest education association for public school employees and represents active, retired, and student members. As the local affiliate of the NCAE, Wake NCAE upholds our responsibility to advocate for equal access to a great education and quality schools for every student.

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